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 Laptop Adapters >> Adapter for Acer >> YLAR90W1
Input Voltage(V)£ºAC100-240V
Output Voltage(V)£ºDC 19V
Output current£º4.74A
Total output power£º90W
Output Tips£º5.5*1.7
Power efficiency£º85%
AC Pin£º3 Pin or 2 Pin
Storag temperature£º15~50¡æ
Opreating temperature£º0~40¡æ
Total power protection£º¡Ì
Over voltage protection£º¡Ì
Short Circuit Protection£º¡Ì
Replacement For


 308745-001  309241-001  310925-001  324816-001
 325112-001  325112-021  310744-002  286755-001
 283884-001  239705-001  PPP012L-PA  F4600A
 F4813A  ACCOM-C16  HP-OL091B13  F5104A
 K386S  M201T  V386SL  V386SL-25



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